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Flow to Future speaks with our current and potential talents to illuminate our 2023 targets that will make us a global player. In this journey, we call out the leader talents who are coherent with the competencies of Teklas and carry Teklas Family to the future as: FLOW to FUTURE!
We empower the commitment of our employees by acting with the principle of every employee is a different value. We listen the employee, swiftly answer the one’s needs with our solution-oriented approach.
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means the ability to be adjusted to the planned work by gathering relevant information.
means the ability to be aware of oneself, to regulate emotions, to use positive and effective communication.
means the ability to identify and define problems, to have multidimensional understanding to extract key information from data and to develop workable solutions for the problems identified.
means the ability to know what one is talking about or expertise, to be trusted and to manage expectations.
means the ability to make decisions without considering hierarchy, to have tolerance of ambiguity, to constantly change path towards an aim, to listen beyond one’s ego, to put ‘we’ above and to embrace errors.
Logistic Specialist
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We are looking for a teammate who will work in Teklas Bulgaria as Logistic Specialist!


  • Bacheelor’s degree,
  • Proficiency in English and German, both written and spoken,
  • Excellent computer skills,
  • Excellent organizational skills, communication, adaptability, ability to work in a team and highly motivated,
  • Knowledge and work with specialized software
  • ERP is a plus,
  • Flexibility, loyalty, responsibility, prioritization of tasks, analytical skills.

Job Description:

  • Planning, organizing, coordinating and implementing export activities;
  • Preparing applications for transport, shipping, customs and other export documents;
  • Maintaining contact with customers and transport companies regarding the orders;
  • Preparing analyses and operational reports;
  • Tracking the execution of orders and delivery times on customer web portals.
Management Trainee
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We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic Management Trainee to join our team! As a Management Trainee, you will be responsible for the development, implementation and management of all aspects of our business, including the development and execution of sales strategies, marketing plans and products.


Senior student in the departments of Mechanical/Chemical/Electrical or Computer Engineering

Proficiency in MS Office

Knowledge of current industry trends

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Strong problem-solving skills

Ability to work in a team environment

Strong analytical skills

Ability to work under pressure

Strong multitasking skills

General Application
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Human Resources Department of Teklas realizes that to achieve our vision of being the best fluid systems supplier within the Global Automotive Sector, Teklas needs employees who can make a difference. What Teklas means by emphasizing “making a difference”? It specifies the talents who can act in compliance with the corporate culture of Teklas and work with devotion. Teklas has talents who are flexible, dynamic, and coherent with our multicultural structure. To reach our vision, Teklas selects its new talents delicately. As Teklas, we do what it has to be done for the development of our talented family and by doing so; we support them on their flow to the future!

Gülsünay Uysal
Global Human Resources Director

We have been told that “Sales is just a numbers game” over the years and it is still a popular belief today, but it is NOTHING more than a WRONG MINDSET. As Sales Team of Teklas, we believe in relationships with our customers. We approach to each customer with the idea of helping them to solve a problem or achieve a goal. In this manner, we do not close sales, but open relationships. Because Approach does matter. If you want to achieve success in this business, you will have to build long term relationships with customers. Loyal customers who come back to us for more business, are our biggest asset. To achieve this goal, our current key power is having a strong, robust and stable team with skills of product knowledge, time management, efficient communication, good attitude, active listening, being proactive, problem solving, being on-site, which makes our flow to the future smooth, profitable and successful.   

Necati Fakkusoğlu
Sales Manager, Germany

The reason behind Teklas being a successful, reliable and preferred supplier is that we approach the companies we work with not as customers, but as long-term business partners. As Teklas Sales Team, our main mission is to understand the needs, expectations and goals of the customer, and then to offer the most accurate, fast and competitive solution based on the knowledge and strong structure that Teklas has provided us. That mentality helps us to build success together in market as well as long-lasting partnership that naturally turning into win-win situation later. Dynamic, innovative and customer-oriented structure are not only the strengths that our success relies on, as well as the key elements to shape our flow to the future journey.

Fatih Yıldız
Key Account Manager, Germany

As Teklas, our goal is to guarantee the job security of people at all times.  We recognize the value of our employees and we are committed to protecting their safety.  With the rapid change of direction in the automotive industry, occupational safety considerations are also developing.  For this reason, we always make observations in production, evaluate possible risks and take precautions.  We will always continue to work for the safety of our employees with the motto "Don't be safety blinded, be safety minded".  Teklas will continue to develop and improve without compromising its sensitivity in occupational safety.

Desislava Feneva
Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, Bulgaria

Teklas -a global company and one of the leaders in the Automotive industry- is a great opportunity for young talents to gain knowledge and acquire new skills in different working fields. In Teklas, as future oriented company, employee's aspirations for permanent professional development, innovations and creativity are welcomed and highly supported. Company empowers employees to use their initiative and seek advice and guidance from more experienced colleagues. It gives more to employees than takes from them, gives them trust, experience, team spirit and continuous learning. 

Dragana Savic
Finance & Accounting Manager, Serbia

Teklas has given me the opportunity to grow in my career as an HR professional. It has been a great experience seeing a plant rise from 1 to 2 employees, to now having almost 20 employees. Soon we will have over 100! As a member of the new plant in the USA, I have seen how the culture has already spread from the other plants around the world to here. A culture of always moving forward together and cooperating with one another. Here in Teklas, everyone is flexible. We cooperate with people within and outside our departments to solve problems and “flow to the future.” 

Alexis Bautista
HR Specialist, USA

Our most important strategy is to understand and provide the technically optimum and commercially most competitive solutions to our customers demands. This is the challenge that every single day motivating and pushing us forward as the Teklas Sales Team. On the other hand, the market and our customer’s needs are changing continuously. To keep up with this dynamic field, Teklas’ capability and 50-years experience in the automotive sector is the best tool and negotiating power we have. We are reflecting this knowledge and care to every business opportunity, new technologies and the product ranges. This is our key to the sustainable success, and the defining element to our flow to future.

Rafi Yenigün
Sales Team Leader, France

Teklas, as a global company there are a lot of talents in all plants. Moreover, Tekals is a good at cultivating talents, providing opportunities for young people with dreams and pursuits.  Tekals China, As one of the plant, we know the Cost and Quality are important factors to ensure Teklas’s competitiveness. We insist on quality first, and improve automation and efficiency to meet the requirements of China OEMs to become "the leader in China's automotive industry and Teklas Group's heating and cooling liquid circulation system". We insist on continuous improvement and cooperate with people within and outside our departments to solve problems and “flow to the future.”   

Yin Junjian
Quality Team Leader, China

In order to became the world leader in fluid circulation systems for the automotive industry, as Teklas Technical Services Department, we focus all our efforts on designing, developing, and maintaining processes that increase the quality of our products, improve our productivity, and increase the operating efficiency. The inclusion of new technologies is one of our most important milestones, that’s why Teklas has chosen to include industry 4.0 in most processes to make them faster, more efficient and more customer-centric, while at the same time going beyond automation, optimization and detection of new business opportunities, which drives us day by day in the flow to the future!

Miguel Machuca
Tecnical Services Assistant Manager, Mexico

For more information please contact via email: or Linkedin