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Flow to Future speaks with our current and potential talents to illuminate our 2023 targets that will make us a global player. In this journey, we call out the leader talents who are coherent with the competencies of Teklas and carry Teklas Family to the future as: FLOW to FUTURE!
We empower the commitment of our employees by acting with the principle of every employee is a different value. We listen the employee, swiftly answer the one’s needs with our solution-oriented approach.
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means the ability to be adjusted to the planned work by gathering relevant information.
means the ability to be aware of oneself, to regulate emotions, to use positive and effective communication.
means the ability to identify and define problems, to have multidimensional understanding to extract key information from data and to develop workable solutions for the problems identified.
means the ability to know what one is talking about or expertise, to be trusted and to manage expectations.
means the ability to make decisions without considering hierarchy, to have tolerance of ambiguity, to constantly change path towards an aim, to listen beyond one’s ego, to put ‘we’ above and to embrace errors.
Automation Engineer
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We are looking for a teammate who will work in Teklas Gebze as Automation Engineer!


• Graduated from relevant engineering departments of universities such as Electrics, Electronics, Mechatronics, Control and Automation.

• Fluent in English

• Experienced in PLC programming, hardware, control and command ability to develop algorithms,

• Preferably, designed, manufactured or contributed automation control panels, implemented and commissioned applications with PLC.

• Self-motivated and hard-worker,

• Strong planning and communication skills,

Job Description:

• Identify errors in lines and lead the team,

• Preparing, updating and performing scheduled maintenance programs,

• To communicate with the contractor companies to be established and to plan and implement the neccessary actions to fulfill company obligations, on electricity and automation, Works on the new lines,

• To design the electrical schemes of the projects, selection of the necessary materials, developing the PLC program

• To follow developments in the automation sector and adapt them to existing applications to improve the current systems

HR Assistant Specialist
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We are looking for a teammate who will work in Teklas Bulgaria as HR Assistant Specialist!


  • Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in human resources management, economics, or any other related field,
  • Knowledge of Bulgarian labor and social security legislation is a plus,
  • Proficiency in English both written and spoken,
  • Excellent organizational skills, communication, adaptability, ability to work in a team and highly motivated,
  • Excellent computer skills,
  • Experience in the field of human resources management, payroll and personnel is a plus.

Job Description:

  • Organizing job interviews, personnel selection and recruitment activities.
  • Managing reassignments, exit procedures, interviews.
  • Maintaining employees’ personal files according to legal regulations.
  • Managing and monitoring the implementation of training and evaluation systems for the personnel.
  • Preparing and monitoring an annual training plan and its organization.
  • Participating in the development, implementation and application of global, local, company policies and procedures in the field of Human Resources.
  • Performing analyses for the company management and preparing weekly / monthly / annual statistical data and reports.
  • Participating in all other activities that are part of the responsibilities of the department
  • Consulting on labor law issues, organizing company events and trips.
Software Engineer
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We are looking for a teammate who will work in Teklas Gebze as Software Engineer!

  • Graduated from related departments of universities,
  • Knowledge of data structures and algorithms,
  • Able to develop algorithms on corporate software architectures,
  • Open to improvement, willing to follow up-to-date technologies,
  • Experienced in object-oriented programming (OOP),
  • Developed Desktop, Web, Mobile applications with Flutter and has a command of Dart language,
  • SQLite, SQL knowledge in MSSQL,
  • Preferably mastered Web Architectures and worked with at least one .net project,
  • Able to take responsibility and successfully fulfill their responsibilities,
  • Has developed a project on the Rest, Soap, Web Service side,
  • Knowledgeable about UX - UI issues,
  • Able to show the applications he/she has developed as a reference,
  • Experienced in XML, JSON and data processing,
  • At least 3 years of experience in a related field.
Key Account Manager
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We are looking for a Key Account Manager who will be responsible for growing the strategic customer relationships of Teklas. The successful candidate is expected to be a well-respected and well-connected professional with our existing customers.


  • Managing communications between customer and internal teams,
  • Developing and maintaining business relationships with German key customers with the aim of increasing sales over the long term,
  • Strategic customer care and further development of the key account area as well as expansion / deepening of customer loyalty within the area of responsibility,
  • Acquire thorough understanding of key customer needs and actively communicate internally with global team & other business areas,
  • Expand the relationships by continuously proposing solutions that meet customer objectives,
  • Evaluation of customer requirements and preparation of offers,
  • Evaluation and management of capacity and tooling issues,
  • Presentation and active distribution of our products,
  • Management of processes such as independent planning, preparation and implementation of annual, acquisition, closing and price discussions as well as their follow-up and documentation,
  • Creation of business plans, market, price and competition analyzes,
  • Resolve any issues and problems faced by customers and deal with complaints to maintain trust,
  • Conducting discussions and negotiations about technical solutions and offers,
  • Acquisition of new projects to advance the business ideas.

Qualifications and Experience 

  • At least 2 years of experience in a similar role in Automotive IndustryEngineering background is a must,
  • Superior verbal and written communication skills in both German and English,
  • Have no obstacle to travel,
  • Ability to interact as a value-added team member,
  • Ability to understand and evaluate competitive products,
  • Confident and determined to pull off meetings from key decision makers and C-level executives,
  • Excellent presentation skills with an ability to present ideas to clients.
HR Team Leader
LOCATION: CHINA, Zhejiang/Changxing
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We are looking for a teammate who will work as HR Team Leader in Teklas China which is located in Zhejiang, Changxing!


  • Having a Bachelor’s Degree,
  • Fluent in both Chinese and English,
  • Having 5 years of experience (experience in automotive industry is a plus),
  • Good knowledge MS Office Programs and ERP
  •  Excellent organizational skills, communication, adaptability, ability to work in a team and highly motivated,

Job Description:

  • Providing necessary data for HR planning and support for related work.
  • Reviewing all job application documents prepared by HR specialist received through website, fax, email.
  • Attending the employee interview with the department manager. 
  • Completing the official documents of new employees, and registering and filing relevant documents
  • Reviewing payroll and submitting for approval.
  • Preparing personnel documents for all employees and ensuring that all legal and institutional records are maintained.
  • Maintaining all employee-related change records, both paper and electronic versions required.
  • Keeping all personnel data in strict confidence and do not share such data with any unauthorized persons or organizations.• Organizing social, cultural and sporting events for employees.
  • Supporting Occupational Safety and Health activities. Organizing annual staff physical examination.
  • Basis training needs of employees according to quality systems, procedures and company guidelines, prepare training programs and submit them for approval.
  • Working with department managers and training companies to implement approved training programs on time.
  • Reviewing existing training systems with the aim of assessing their effectiveness and prepare re-development plans if necessary.
  • If necessary, using the appropriate communication tools to issue notices within the company.
  • Supporting all activities concerning employees in accordance with company procedures and regulations.
  • Preparing timely and accurately reports requested by senior management.According to the general instructions and group policies, procedures and objectives to lead the human resources activity in China plant, including staff recruitment, training, compensation management, labor relations processing, etc, and assist the Plant Manager to create a good teamworking spririt and talent attraction plant.
Database & Reporting Specialist
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We are looking for a teammate who will work in Teklas Gebze as Database & Reporting Specialist!

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Computer Science or related field,
  • Preferably 10 years of experience, 
  • Fluent in English,
  • Proficient in MSSQL and PostgreSQL databases,
  • Knowledge of development in Qliksense or Qlikview,
  • Knowledgeable about database architecture, concepts and components,
  • To be able to clearly articulate pros and cons of various technologies and platforms,
  • Developed Analysis/Report/Dashboards with BI Tools (Qlik, Power BI etc.)
  • Excellent social and communication skills, result oriented, technical problem solving,
  • Prone to team work, strong examination,
  • Creative and innovative problem-solving skills,
  • Willing to change and learn,
  • Competed his military service for male candidates or postponed for at least 2 years.
General Application
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Human Resources Department of Teklas realizes that to achieve our vision of being the best fluid systems supplier within the Global Automotive Sector, Teklas needs employees who can make a difference. What Teklas means by emphasizing “making a difference”? It specifies the talents who can act in compliance with the corporate culture of Teklas and work with devotion. Teklas has talents who are flexible, dynamic, and coherent with our multicultural structure. To reach our vision, Teklas selects its new talents delicately. As Teklas, we do what it has to be done for the development of our talented family and by doing so; we support them on their flow to the future!

Gülsünay Uysal
Global Human Resources Director

We have been told that “Sales is just a numbers game” over the years and it is still a popular belief today, but it is NOTHING more than a WRONG MINDSET. As Sales Team of Teklas, we believe in relationships with our customers. We approach to each customer with the idea of helping them to solve a problem or achieve a goal. In this manner, we do not close sales, but open relationships. Because Approach does matter. If you want to achieve success in this business, you will have to build long term relationships with customers. Loyal customers who come back to us for more business, are our biggest asset. To achieve this goal, our current key power is having a strong, robust and stable team with skills of product knowledge, time management, efficient communication, good attitude, active listening, being proactive, problem solving, being on-site, which makes our flow to the future smooth, profitable and successful.   

Necati Fakkusoğlu
Sales Manager, Germany

Our most important strategy is to understand and provide the technically optimum and commercially most competitive solutions to our customers demands. This is the challenge that every single day motivating and pushing us forward as the Teklas Sales Team. On the other hand, the market and our customer’s needs are changing continuously. To keep up with this dynamic field, Teklas’ capability and 50-years experience in the automotive sector is the best tool and negotiating power we have. We are reflecting this knowledge and care to every business opportunity, new technologies and the product ranges. This is our key to the sustainable success, and the defining element to our flow to future.  

Rafi Yenigün
Sales Manager, France

For more information please contact via email: or Linkedin