a leading global supplier of
automotive fluid systems technology

Expert in
fluid circulation

Teklas designs, develops and manufactures fluid systems for heating & cooling lines for auto industry all over the world with an integrated, innovative, and customer-oriented approach for 50 years.

Heating cooling systems

Being one of the largest manufacturers of connectors in Europe, Teklas places great importance on constantly developing innovative hose structures to follow newly emerging automotive technologies and adapt to changing regulations. Teklas has been going ahead of the ever-evolving technology in the production constructions for OEMs, as well as rubber and metal solutions, and water injection technology (WIT) to reduce the weight of vehicles and boost the recycling rate.

Air Condition systems

Teklas blowmolding solutions cover all turbo air systems between 80°C and 230°C. Owing to its current metal, rubber and thermoplastic material development capacity, Teklas can provide its customers an optimum acoustic and dynamic performance of durability. Teklas develops and manufactures all the rubber formulas within the R&D Center of the company.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) enable warehouse operations to be efficient and productive while reducing operating costs. Automated storage solutions can be the most effective method for buffering, sequencing and storing inventory in our operations.

five steps to the
perfect fluid system


From mixing to finishing – All under one roof

Ideas emerge based on the specific needs of automotive industry are developed by the R&D team, enabling a flawless production to be carried out.

Following the completion of validation, the end product reaches our customers.

Our company

We develop and deploy Robotic Automation Process at scale in our all production. We believe that an approach based on automation in manufacturing as vision is the only way to achieve a sustainable future and business.


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