Explore The Excellence Of Teklas Technology

Being one of the largest manufacturers of connectors in Europe, Teklas places great importance on constantly developing innovative hose structures to follow newly emerging automotive technologies and adapt to changing regulations.

Intralogistics Solutions

Rack and Storage Solutions

  • Unit Load AS/RS (Single & Double Deep)
  • Mini Load
  • AS/RS Vertical Carousel

Products for Shipping Solutions

  • AGV & RGV
  • Conveyors
  • Kiosk

Teklas locations with the highest density of Robots

Serbia: 219

China: 531

Turkey: 3558

Bulgaria: 723

USA: 2272

Mexico: 955

Quantity Per 10.000 Employees

Software Solutions

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) WMS CORE solution, all item movements are stored and analyzed by the system periodically. The system autonomously optimizes storage location to account for frequency of use. This cuts down picking time and reduces the amount of work required within the warehouse.