fluid circulation systems

Thermal Management Systems

Ready for all challenges…

Being one of the largest manufacturers of connectors in Europe, Teklas places great importance on constantly developing innovative products & solutions to follow newly emerging automotive technologies and adapt to changing regulations.

rubber, plastic pipe, metal solutions, and water injection technology…

Teklas has been going ahead of the ever-evolving technology in the production constructions for OEM’s, as well as rubber, plastic pipe, metal solutions, and water injection technology (WIT) to reduce the weight of vehicles and boost the recycling rate.

Reliable and High-Quality

Moreover, Teklas is one of the largest quick connector manufacturers in Europe. Due to its capacity, Teklas is able to be very flexible on design and project timing.

Thermal Management Systems, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Applications

Teklas offers solutions to the growing demand for Thermal Management Systems of the electric vehicles increasing in number every day.

  • Battery Cooling Lines & Fuel Cell Cooling Lines 
    • Thermoformed plastic pipes & assemblies
    • Quick Connector (QC) solutions & assemblies
    • TPV, Monolayer, and Multilayers solutions
  • Transmission Cooling Lines
    • Water Injection Technology (WIT) pipes & assemblies
  • Engine Coolant / Heater Lines
    • Rubber hoses & assemblies
    • Metal pipes & assemblies

Air Management Systems – industry’s most reliable

Teklas blowmolding solutions cover all turbo air systems between 80°C and 230°C. Owing to its current metal, rubber and thermoplastic material development capacity, Teklas can provide its customers an optimum acoustic and dynamic performance of durability.

Teklas develops and manufactures all the rubber formulas within the R&D Center of the company. With its multi-layered hose designs, it can guarantee resistance to high pressures.

Other Product Applications

  • Oil Cooling Lines
  • Low Pressure Fuel Lines
  • Vacuum Lines
  • Drainage Lines
  • Brake Hose Assemblies

AC Tube and Hose Assemblies

Teklas AC and Hose Assemblies are designed according to the latest legal requirements and deliver best performance.

Connector Expertise

We are experienced with all standard connectors using forming, brazing and laser technology to cover all requirements most suitable.

AC Hose Solutions

With 50 years of experience Teklas create low permeation AC hoses from the formulation to the final product. Barrier and veneer hose solutions for different refrigerants and oils are in hand for all common dimensions.

an internal heat exchanger solution…

To increase the system performance of the AC system and generate credits Teklas offer an internal heat exchanger solution with high heat exchange by low pressure loss acc. to SAE 3094.

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