Uğur Atmaca: The advantages and opportunities of the Teklas IT Graduate Program

My name is Uğur. I started my career at Teklas as an intern in 2019. During the previous three years, I have built my career in different fields, such as logistics, supply chain management, purchasing, production, business analytics and IT.

Currently, I have been a Software Engineer at Teklas, and I am also proud of being one of the IT Graduate Intern. In this blog post, I would like to express my experiences and opinions as an IT graduate software engineer.

The advantages and opportunities of the Teklas IT Graduate Program

The IT Graduate Program opens all the doors to the graduates. The mentors and the managers supports the graduates to take the right steps in their career path. Therefore, there is no need for the graduates to decide on a certain and particular career path in advance. To clarify, the program offers you the opportunity to get a taste of different IT areas. First, to discover whether you want to pursue a more technical or business-oriented path. On the other side, if you know exactly where you want to go and what kind of expert you want to become, the program also enables the opportunity to deep-dive into a certain function, in a variety of countries and in different business areas. Moreover, Teklas is a very diverse manufacturing and technology company; therefore, there are always new issues, struggles and advantages for you. In addition to all these advantages and opportunities, we have been using the latest technologies in order to improve our products, streamline our business processes, and provide  the ideal solutions to our customers and employees. We offer our people the “Freedom To Act” to  learn, to explore, and to participate in technology. “Freedom To Act” is also built into this program,  as the graduates choose their assignments for themselves. If you enjoy learning new things, I am pretty sure that this program is a great fit for you.

What would it take to succeed at Teklas?

I am frequently asked what it takes to have a fulfilling career at Teklas. My definite answer is: anyone who embodies the core values of our company is already well on the way. First of all, there should be a Passion To Win. You need to stay encouraged to deliver results with great quality and eager. Secondly, it’s about being there For One Another. You need to be a team player. That’s literally necessary in our company with such diverse colleagues. Thirdly, take the Freedom To Act. We work in an environment where you can do and explore things on  your own. Last but not least, Trust. You gain trust and give trust to all your stakeholders in our company. That’s all you need to be successful and content at Teklas.



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