President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic presented the ‘Order of the State’ to our CEO Nebi Anıl on the Serbian State Day.Vucic awarded a State Order to 80 people, including Teklas Automotive General Manager Nebi Anıl, for their achievements.Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Belgrade, Hami Aksoy, made a statement on his Twitter account, “On the Serbian National Day, Mr. Nebi Anıl, the General Manager of Teklas, was awarded the Order of State by the President of the Republic, Mr. Vucic. We are proud! We congratulate Mr. Anıl and the entire Teklas family.” used the phrases.- Serbian President Vucic visited Teklas’ factoryVucic, who visited the factory with Turkey’s Belgrade Ambassador Hami Aksoy on August 5, 2021, talked to the employees and got information about the works from the authorities.Vucic, in his statement here, stated that thanks to the employment offered by Teklas, the average salary in Vladicin Han rose from 245 euros to 444 euros in a short time.Noting that Teklas currently employs 1030 people, Vucic noted that he had the opportunity to chat with the employees and that everyone was satisfied with their work.


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