We were saddened to see the earthquake in Türkiye and its consequences. We immediately organized to see what we could do and worked together to provide all the assistance we could to the disaster area. No matter how far away we are. Distances are not important. Supporting against disasters is a humanity obligation.

Some of the aid sent to the disaster area by Teklas Serbia are as follows:

20 new blankets, 12 heaters, 3 power banks, 5 water heaters, 35 hand lamps, 30 packs of baby diapers, 100 packs of wet wipes, 24 boxes of medical gloves, 200 disinfectants, 60 polar sweatshirts, 6 packages of first aid boxes(full), 25 shampoos, 20 shower gels, 15 liquid soaps, 100 soaps, 30 tubes of toothpaste, 30 toothbrushes, 1 woman hygiene things, 20 baby body creams, 25 baby shower gels, 8 boxes of baby food (powder), 60 jars of baby foods (organic puree), 100 packages biscuits, 100 conserved canned foods, 2 boxes of clothes for children and babies, 3 boxes of toys for children and babies, 10 boxes of shoes, 1 box of underwear clothes, 1 box dog food

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