Waste Management Procedure

We manage the identification, control, and recovery/disposal processes of all kinds of wastes from our operations in accordance with laws and regulations, in order to prevent all direct or indirect damage to the environment.
Our “Waste Management Procedure”, in which we draw the boundaries of the necessary activities and responsibilities for carrying out the waste management process effectively, covers all of solid, liquid, and gas wastes resulting from activities at Teklas plants.
As Teklas, we are legally responsible for the treatment and disposal of our waste. Within the framework of this responsibility, our activities are controlled by the EHS unit of our company.
The wastes generated as a result of our activities are classified as domestic solid wastes, recyclable solid wastes, hazardous solid wastes and non-hazardous wastes that cannot be recycled.
Waste types were defined in according to procedures and instructions. Management of waste from our operations in different countries and regions varies from country to country. What is invariable for all of them is that; we continuously monitor all of our processes between production and waste generation.


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