We may be in different cities, but we share the same sorrow!

As TEKLAS, we have been working in coordination with all our teams and employees to share the suffering of the earthquake victims and to support them since the first day of the earthquake disaster.

We have declared mobilization in all our facilities and we are working with all our strength to provide material and moral support by conducting aid campaigns collected from our facilities.

Our plants organized to meet the primary basic needs and worked without a break.

Our Teklas Bulgaria plant collected a lot of aid, from towels to blankets, from coats to fleece, and united for their shipment. In addition, our employees collected more than 100,000 TL among themselves and made donations.

In our Teklas Bartın facility, 200.000 TL of aid was collected. 80 food parcels, 500 fleece, 200 parachute vests, 40 shoes, 150 sweatshirts, 150 pants, 50 work gloves, 1 box of powdered gloves, 5 boxes of towel napkins, 2 boxes of wet wipes were sent to the earthquake zone.

In our Teklas Gebze plant, 10 food parcels, 11 electric heaters, 203 shoes, 40 fleeces, 9 pairs of pants with fiber inside were sent to be delivered to the earthquake zone.

Apart from these, the aids collected by our valuable employees using all the means at their disposal were delivered to IBB KARTAL LOGISTICS CENTER.

In addition, as TEKLAS, we would like to share with you that we donated 250.000 TL to AHBAP association and 250.000 TL to AFAD, which continue their activities in the earthquake region on behalf of our employees.

We would like to share that we closely follow the needs in disaster areas and we will always provide the support we can until the disaster is eliminated.

We wish a speedy recovery to the injured and hope that the effects of the earthquake will disappear as soon as possible.


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